Put repetitive tasks on autopilot

Whether you're automating common website actions, checking your website for bugs, or collecting data, ClickDiv has you covered.

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Infinite integrations, endless possibilities.

Automation works great with apps that have APIs, but there's a whole lot more to the web than that. With ClickDiv, you can create workflows on any website, even behind login pages. Simply record a flow, choose its output action, and run it automatically.

Build workflows in just a few clicks—no code necessary.

ClickDiv makes building workflows a snap. Load up a browser of your choice directly in the app and simply perform the actions you'd like your workflow to take. ClickDiv automatically records each step along the way. Of course, you can still get fine-grained control over each step using the built-in manual editor or JS code insertion.

Powerful tools, powering you

Workflows run in the background, acting as you would on websites. This saves you time on repetitive actions, automating work that you typically do manually.

Any Website
From Amazon to Zillow, and everything in between. Record workflows on any website from A to Z (yes, including your own!).
Simple Recording
Instead of manually programming steps in a recording, simply record them directly in our browser.
API Integration
Trigger your workflows to run via our REST API and integrate the response results directly in your application.
Store & Export
Once your workflow runs, export your results to Excel or pass them along to another workflow.
Run on Schedule
Your workflows run 24/7 on your command. Schedule them to run every minute or at a specific time, giving you time back.
Templates & Blocks
Plug one of ClickDiv's existing templates right into your workflow to get you off the ground fast.

Simplify the tasks you do everyday

With automations on any website, what you create is entirely up to your creativity. Here are some examples of workflows to get the juices flowing.

D2C Online Store | Automation
As the owner of an incredibly trendy online D2C store, Great Goods, Sarah wants to know when her competitors' prices change. She makes a workflow to collect the prices of a few items on Amazon and Inept Items' websites and send her an email when they drop by 10%. Sarah's business is booming!
App Testing | Quality Assurance
Craig is a Quality Assurance Manager at his company, responsible for making sure the app is working smoothly. Instead of hiring additional engineers to write tests, he creates a robust test suite with ClickDiv and shares it with his team, making sure buttons click, pixels pop, and uptime stays up.
Flight Check-in | Automation
A loyal Southwest flyer, Katherine wants to never miss an early check-in. She records a workflow to check in on Southwest once and schedules it run 24 hours before all her Southwest flights in the future, never boarding in group C ever again.
Chat Bot Wine Club | Automation
Tomás owns a successful mobile-first wine business, where users can purchase a bottle of wine over text, entirely through ClickDiv. When the workflow detects a text on Twilio, it automatically sends a Stripe charge to the user, and drop ships the bottle through a third party's wine website.
Airbnb Host | Automation
Cher is the owner of a cute two bedroom flat in Vienna. When she gets a new Airbnb booking, her workflow automatically messages the guest, adds the dates to her Google Calendar, and schedules a cleaning service. When the guest checks out, another workflow resets the door codes and emails Cher.
News App | Web Scraping
Needing to build a data aggregation pipeline for work, Roman creates a workflow to scrape headlines related to a particular topic from a few popular news sources. He runs this workflow with a POST request containing a topic in the body and uses the return data directly in his app.

Our most commonly asked questions.

What websites does this work with?

For the most part, any website that you can access, we can automate. This includes websites that do not have public facing APIs.

What can I automate?

Update Salesforce when LinkedIn profiles change. Fill out forms. Test that your login page works every minute. So many automations, it's just up to your imagination!

Is there a free plan?

Yes, you can create workflows in edit-only mode for free to see if ClickDiv meets your needs. To run a workflow, you'll need one of our paid plans.

Why do I have to request access?

Right now, ClickDiv is invite-only as we test the product with a select few customers. We're opening up more spots from our waitlist each day.